Ice Age Polaris Chandelier Earrings

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These chandelier earrings feature diamond mosaics consisting of marquise, princess cut,  and brilliant cut diamonds that are sure to add dazzling drama to any evening look. 
Features 7.77 carats of diamonds
Length: 2'' Push Backs Closure
18k white gold

SKU:  E5014WDW


Ice Age

The wonderous and majestic glaciers of the Northern Hemisphere were formed over millions of years, just like the sparkling diamonds that resemble these icy structures. The remote, untouched beauty of the arctic captured Ruchi’s imagination and inspired her Ice Age collection. Influenced by the purity of glacial formations, Ruchi set diamonds of exceptional quality in sleek yet stylish designs. Hardly a trace of metal is visible in each setting, leaving the stones to radiate with their natural magnificence.

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