Gems: A Source of Beauty, Power and Healing

Designer Ruchi Kotahwala sees gemstones and diamonds as far more than just a pretty jewel. Growing up in India, where gemstones are coveted for their mystical properties, healing powers and spiritual energy, Ruchi gained a deep appreciation and love for gems. Here, the designer shares her passion and knowledge about gemstones.


How do you make a spiritual connection?

Every morning, I meditate for an hour before starting my day. Meditation helps me focus my mind, body and spirit on the present moment. It creates a stillness within me and helps me cultivate my Brow chakra (also called the third eye), which leads to the development of inner knowledge, creative visualization, intuition and interconnectedness with others, as well as my higher self.


How does Indian astrology connect to gemstones?

In Indian or Vedic astrology, gemstones are believed to hold mystical, physical and emotional healing powers. It is thought that each gemstone carries its own vibrational energy which, when absorbed by the wearer, creates a positive change in their lives.

Just as our planets and our solar system govern the universe, there is an inner solar system compromised of 7 chakras (energy centers) that connect our physical body, mind and spirit. The 7 chakras are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Each chakra represents a planet or planets and is associated with a color, and that color is aligned with gemstones. The relative positions of these planets are unique to each person, and wearing a particular gemstone connects you to the qualities of the planet that the gemstone represents.


What do the gemstones symbolize?

Emeralds and the color green are associated with the Heart chakra and the sun and the moon. Considered as one of the oldest healing stones, emeralds are believed to help with the body’s regeneration, renewal, growth, new life, abundance and romance.

Blue sapphires and the color blue are associated with the Brow chakra. The stones are believed to alleviate anxiety and insomnia, provide clear thinking, and help heal mental and nervous conditions.

Rubies and the color red and connected to the Root and Heart chakras. It is believed that rubies can help with finding love, trust and courage, and connecting with the Divine spirit.

Opals come in different colors and styles (Australian opals, Ethiopian opals and Fire opals). Depending on the opal’s color, it is linked with several chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart or Brow. Opals are believed to help with transformation and overcoming obstacles.


Did Indians really sleep with a gemstone under their pillow before buying it?

Yes, that is true. In Ancient India, people believed that before acquiring an important gemstone they should sleep with it under their pillow so they could feel its energy and make sure it doesn’t give them bad dreams. Some Indians still practice that ritual today.


Do you believe gemstones deliver energy?

I think when you are trying on jewelry, it should just make you feel joyful. If it doesn’t then it isn’t the right jewel for you.

Jewels are meant to create a positive vibe. You have to open-minded and aware to feel the energy.