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Capri is rich in culture, cuisine and, above all else, its natural beauty—the inspiration behind this jewelry capsule. Its blooming pink bougainvillea are translated into vibrant sapphire pieces, along with sliced diamonds and multi sapphires that recreate more of the island’s fantastic florals. Aim for effortless elegance, whether you’re heading for sunset cocktails or moonlit dinners, mixing in a curation of jewelry that emulates the island’s flourishing color palette.



Ombre blue seas, rippling in shades from deep indigo to crystal clear sea green, is what gave Sardinia’s stunning coast its name Costa Smeralda (which translates to Emerald Coast). Its waters meet naturally rugged shorelines, featuring secluded rocky beaches with glistening white sand. So it’s no surprise that this jewelry capsule is brimming with emerald and diamond pieces replicating its brilliant ocean colors and natural stones that nod to its landscape. Dressing for the island calls for a glamorous but practical look, matching classic sundresses with easy-to-wear jewelry like a strand necklace or single bracelet instead of statement pieces.


St. Tropez

Visit St. Tropez and immerse yourself in its glamorous scene, where the glitterati soak in all its delights—from its cobblestoned old town to colorful Provencal cuisine, olive groves, rocky coves and azure blue sea. This capsule captures its ultra-blingy, megabucks style with standout diamonds, colorful pink and purple sapphire pieces, emulating Provence’s renowned lavender fields. St. Tropez is synonymous with fashion. When packing for your trip, reach for your most colorful dresses and kaftans, accessorized with metallic sandals and look-at-me jewelry.



With picturesque beaches, ancient villages and delicious Greek cuisine, it’s no wonder the jet set flocks to Mykonos. Its legendary blue and white architecture, with sleek designs and clean lines, served as the inspiration for this capsule collection featuring bright ombré blue sapphires alongside diamonds. The island is known almost as much for its party scene as its natural beauty, so make sure to pack mini sundresses you can dance in, along with high heels and blingy jewelry.