Organic Beauty Sunslice Duo Earrings in Rose Gold

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These super lightweight duo sunslice earrings surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds redefine modern casual elegance.
Features 3.90 carats of slice diamonds and .67 carats of diamonds
Length: 1.75'' Hinge Lock Closure
18k rose gold

SKU:  E1037DSP

Organic Beauty

Since childhood, Ruchi has been fascinated by diamonds in their natural form, and especially by the stone’s mysterious inclusions that were formed over billions of years in the earth. Rather than perfecting each diamond, the designer’s Organic Beauty collection showcases the stone’s captivating inclusions with sliced Polki cut diamonds. The earliest known diamond cut, the Polki cut has adorned Maharajas and Maharanis for over 500 years ago. Ruchi’s new designs give the traditional diamond slice a modern sensibility with multi-diamond necklaces and earrings in earthy shades of caramel, gray and honey.

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